/kili∙g/ is new everyday brand of skincare that brings kilig moments – simple, playful occurrences – into the daily seriousness of today’s urbanites. Playful, simple skincare products made from natural and innovate ingredients, great for everyday use, to help unlock the playful side and make people feel a true #kiligbeauties.

With /kili∙g/ we strive to bring playfulness and turn everyday moments into kilig experiences. To stop the overly serious in their tracks. To flirt with the routine. To make the ordinary magic. A drop of face cream can really do magic – not only for your skin but also for your mood, just as long as you put some cream on the tip of your nose or draw a mini moustache.

With nearly 30 years of experience in our lab in Vilnius, Lithuania, we show up every day to play very, very seriously. But it is our creative side that allows us to innovate. For us, being playful means being our best!