KILIG HYDARTING – for better hydration of your skin

This season KILIG launches new product line. The main purpose of this line is to moisturize facial skin more intensely and even deeper. The Aqua-Shuttle® moisturizing complex together with the unique technology provides the skin with intensive and all day lasting hydration and protects against moisture loss.
How this innovative moisturizer combination works? Some moisturizers penetrate deep into the skin, stopping moisture from evaporating from the deeper layers and absorbing moisture from the environment, while other moisturizers remain on the surface of the skin, forming an invisible film and thus stopping water evaporation from the skin.
Is it unique? Definetly yes! Most moisturizing creams moisturize only the surface of the skin, so such hydration lasts much shorter.
All products in the KILIG hydrating line have a gel cream textures giving skin a feeling of freshnness and coolness. Also, the innovative Cernilys® in the eye gel reduced darkening and puffiness around the eyes.
KILIG Hydrating line consists of four main products – face cream for normal skin, combination skin, face cream for dry skin, eye gel and face mask.

We send you a lot of love and even more moisture to your skin!