Double-effect moisturizing eye cream


Amazing under-eye cream with a moisturizing effect providing a double joy.


15 ml

Singing and dancing in the rain – double excitement in everything that’s good! For instance, this amazing eye cream provides double hydration. The interaction between two hyaluronic acids (Cristalhyal and PrimalHyal 50) effectively moisturizes sensitive eye skin. PrimalHyal 50 intensely moisturizes skin and promotes cell vitality and the synthesis of collagen. Cristalhyal forms a non-occlusive film and protects the skin from dehydration. You will enjoy double hydration by using this cream every day! Dermatologist tested.


Natural hyaluronic acid – PrimalHyal 50 – strengthens the intensity of moisturising, promotes skin cell vitality and collagen synthesis. Natural hyaluronic acid – Cristalhyal – creates a barrier that prevents the skin from losing moisture.