gentle make up removing cleansing oil


Anti-Pollution gentle make up removing cleansing oil

/kili•g/ urban

50 ml

Remove your make-up (even waterproof) and give your skin a well-deserved day-off! This cleansing oil is the ultimate urban savior – it removes signs of city life by supporting your skin with anti-pollution properties. It won’t cause any skin tension – you’ll be left with a soft and glowing skin! Need some directions?
> Put 2 pea-sized oil drops on dry face.
>> Spread it using gentle circular motions, starting from the eye area.
>>> Move on to the forehead, cheeks, chin and nose; repeat the cleansing cycle if needed.
>>>> Rinse thoroughly with warm water. Enjoy city life and reveal your #kiligbeauty by using other KILIG Urban products with anti-pollution properties.