Our products

The feeling when you catch yourself smiling and suddenly feel more beautiful. We captured that. In a /kili⋅g/ bottle.
Make your day brim with these joyful occurrences – we’ve created /kili⋅g/ cosmetics just for that. And while we’ve played seriously in the lab with both natural and innovative ingredients, our skincare and haircare products come packed with captivating invitations to play lightheartedly and have a kilig moment. Play #kiligbeauty.
Trust us - you can be serious and playful at the same time. Allow yourself to play your day with /kili⋅g/ skincare and haircare products for men.
A kilig moment is the one you win over when you’re playfully enjoying yourself, and no matter whether that moment is brief or long, casual or exceptional. A wink to a stranger on the street or a spontaneous laugh – any little occurrence could be that right start you need. /kili⋅g/ has combined natural purity with modern solutions, all in colourful packaging. Play #kiligbeauty.
For those playful at heart but with sensitive skin, we say – no need to be rough when you can play gently with /kili⋅g/ derma
/kili⋅g/ has created an innovative line of products to soothe sensitive skin in a wink. Tender and tested for allergic reactions, every /kili⋅g/ derma product includes revolutionary Biotylis extracted from probiotics – the good bacteria that help restore your skin’s natural moisture and calmness. Play gently #kiligbeauty.